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- Fixed Bug with Tutorial Manager where gamepad buttons were disabled even though the tutorial was set to story events only. The full change list is absolutely enormous, so here below you can find some highlights!- Fixed Issue: Skirmish maps previews take too long to load in - Fixed Bug: Enable D-pad for functions menus - FIX: Made chaff clouds savable in mid battle - Fixed Bug: Post battle screen sometimes did not appear after a co-op MP match - Fixed Bug: Cannot overwrite saved games or load a game from options menu when using a gamepad - Fixed Bug: Missing german "flavour" text when zoomed in to a planet - FIX: Fixed issue where gamepad buttons appeared in keyboard and mouse mode - Fixed Bug: Exception in War Room after saving diplomat mission - Fixed Bug: Flak stops when a flak command has been created Known Issues ------------ - Video recorder feature sometimes fails to complete, requiring the game to be restarted.

Distribute weapons first, then distribute armor (luckily distributing armor doesn't interfere with their currently equipped weapon.)*Note: Correct armor distribution requires that armors components be placed into the appropriate sub-containers.Note: Something about the 1.10 update of Fallout 4 seems to have broken this mod.As far as I can tell, the code is still fine, but the changes this mod makes to settlers to make them more amenable to having their outfits replaced aren't carrying over.Damage calculations have been updated so that projectiles hitting a ship match the visualisation.- Added ability to rename Officers, once recruited - Changed fighter AI logic when selecting targets to bias towards other fighter squadrons, especially ones that are targeting them - Added a multiplayer slow down and no fly zone, called the Operational Zone, to reduce griefing Updated "Refinery" and "Dark Nebula" to include more environmental elements to support the Operational Zone boundaries - Cylon Fleets now have greater variation of fleets at every stage of the game, including smaller fleets during mid- & late-game so that inexperience commanders have a greater change of survival - Made the ship projections a shade of yellow color if they are moved during the current turn (when not selected) - Made squadrons slightly avoid other squadrons so they don't overlap, making it easier to see and select fighters during combat - Added ' TAB' key as a non-remappable standalone only button to select the next ship (in the battle scene) - Added a back button/prompt to the pre-practice panels in multiplayer after selecting the map and fleet points. Esc key will now also go back when in the pre practice panels.

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