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But, as one of my good friends says, let's be honest, who really knows what they want at age twenty?Last year I heard a frat guy ask one of my sorority sisters, “Pencil me into your dance card?And I mean, being a 20 year old, I do not know if it was like this 20 or 30 years ago.My guess is it was similar, but on a different level.Instead of a multiple choice sort of deal, in college you're working on a spectrum.Personally, I've just about run the gamut on the spectrum since coming to college.

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I was going to say worse, but that's a matter of opinion.It hasn’t replaced dating, it’s just changed how we think about it. Paula England, professor of sociology at New York University, has surveyed over 14,000 heterosexual students at 19 universities about their sexual behavior.She told them to use the definition of "hook-up" their friends use to mirror the ambiguity on campus, finding that 40% of their most recent hook-ups involved sex.Also, I'm not entirely sure what all of this has to do with the We Are IU website, but I think it's an important topic.I mean, these are the years you're supposed to find your husband, wife, or steady, right? Although, ha, in the context of this post, guess maybe I'm arguing that's not true anymore.

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