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Many of the low end products are characterized by being "single-entry" products, as opposed to double-entry systems seen in many businesses.Some products have considerable functionality but are not considered GAAP or IFRS/FASB compliant.Accounting software provides many benefits such as speed up the information retrieval process, bring efficiency in Bank reconciliation process, automatically prepare Value Added TAX (VAT) / Goods and Services TAX (GST), and, perhaps most importantly, provide the opportunity to see the real-time state of the company’s financial position.Personal accounting software is mainly targeted towards home users, supporting accounts payable-type accounting transactions, managing budgets, and simple account reconciliation, at the inexpensive end of the market.At the low-end of the business markets, inexpensive applications software allows most general business accounting functions to be performed.Suppliers frequently serve a single national market, while larger suppliers offer separate solutions in each national market.

In many cases, these applications are simply a set of functions which require significant integration, configuration and customization to even begin to resemble an accounting system.

These techniques will be used to understand financial markets from a post-crisis perspective which incorporates findings from the study of financial markets at high-frequency time scales, modern approaches to understanding systematic risk and financial contagion, and disruptive technologies such as distributed-ledgers and crypto-currencies.

The programme is highly practical, and students will have the opportunity to apply their learning to real-world data and case studies in hands-on laboratory sessions.

Most midmarket and larger applications are sold exclusively through resellers, developers and consultants.

Those organizations generally pass on a license fee to the software vendor and then charge the client for installation, customization and support services.

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