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Now, it’s time to mention some new ones that you might want to try. Most of them come and go; they start by having a decent amount of users, then they become full of fake accounts or just inactive accounts.In other words, most of them don’t work as you’d expect.Mainstream dating sites, she says, didn't work.“Although these sites do provide a large pool of candidates, many of them are not of similar background, since most Chinese are not on these sites," said Zhao."In the US, 85% of ethnic Chinese still marry other Chinese, but there is no good platform to connect this group of people.”“Both the process and the notion for dating in Chinese culture is quite different than those of the US and most of the western world,” Anita Tsai of 2Red Beans explained.For me, I used Tinder and used this technique to meet other people.I also used that same technique with women to point out that I’m only looking for friends, not dates.You go through a few tinder-like cards that show you values/beliefs/activities/interests, and you swipe left or right to select what you like.The app then matches you with people who are into the same things.

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Me3 focuses on helping you meet people who are “shockingly similar” to you.

If you subscribe to a group based on a certain interest of yours, you can chat more with the members than in the past.

Groups used to be too public and were hard to use as a means for creating connections.

Zhao came to the United States from China for graduate school in Electrical Engineering at the University of California San Diego.

Despite a large social circle, she and her friends found it difficult to meet compatible men because of language and cultural barriers.

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