Dating from two different worlds

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We’re in love but we don’t always get where the other one is coming from, if that makes sense. As such: I think that being with someone way, wildly, measurably different than you is the business, if you get lit up by adventure and newness and being challenged and occasionally infuriated by another person; since you’re already in love with your boyfriend à la Crazy/Beautiful slash Mad Love slash Romeo Juliet (if you haven’t seen this star-crossed trifecta, Netflix or i Tunes them immediately), you probably do.

Yesterday, when I was thinking about this, I semi-randomly tweeted that there is “tremendous freedom in being with someone who doesn’t understand you” (also can you believe I just quoted my own tweet?

As for how to behave on social media to boost your chances of having a successful dating life, it starts with the way you portray yourself online.

“fun.” Free time—true free time, not five-minute social-media windows between meetings—gets crushed in adultland, and especially adult-relationship-land (it’s busy, squishing two people’s whole lives together! So, perhaps weirdly, leisure choices—what is fun, what is pleasurable, what is involved in a solid long weekend—come to define and structure relationships more than, I dunno, anything?

(My number-one first-date question, were I someone who asked those instead of saying the most alienating shit possible instead, would be about what they like to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The negative impact of this also goes beyond annoying a few followers.

It makes potential partners feel as if you are impatient or will be too willing to hop into a relationship with anyone that they wouldn’t necessarily be special to you.

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