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I am running queries against my php BB My SQL database and am puzzled by the post_time format in the posts table.It is defined as int(11) and is stored as, for example, 1104627757. I do not understand how that int is manipulated into a recognizable date format. In late October 2005 (or November I don't remember well), Ssirul, one of the leaders (and webmaster) of guilde, contacted me to say that they had installed this template on their forum and that they had used it to make a similar skin for their EQdkp (which they use as front page of their site too) look as the forum.I got the idea to distirbute an assorted EQdkp template along with the php BB template and I've recreated it, based on Ssirul's EQdkp style settings.mode=reply would give you a page where you could enter a reply, you are not logged in so changes are it would just deny that.

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Is there a good way to make this possible efficiently and securely?

To translate your forum, additionnaly, you will have to install the text language php packages on your forum, which you will find on php BB's website: WMaevah Empire - Česky - Czech button pack (font : Arial, not tested.) (It seems that this file is corrupted, in my archives too. You may use this site's contact form to establish a first contact.) Here are some files to help webmasters to make their own buttons, fitting my templates styles (for adaptations or translations and so on).

Please keep Blizzard's copyrights in place in your adaptations and please keep my credits in place too, or at least some mention (on my side I always do credit someone who helps me, even for just a part of the work).

Some people asked me where they could get it, that's why I got the idea to make it widely available (around September 2005).

I also wanted an URL more appropriate to World of Warcraft content than the one of my old web site, and that's why I created

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