Dating policy in the federal government

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Details are available at the developers page On March 11, 2014, Rep.Darrell Issa introduced the Federal Register Modernization Act (H. 4195), a bill that would require the Federal Register to be published (e.g., by electronic means), rather than printed, and that documents in the Federal Register be made available for sale or distribution to the public in published form.The debt limit was reinstated on March 16, 2017, at .8 trillion.Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin immediately deployed “extraordinary measures,” which are congressionally authorized maneuvers that allow for temporary additional borrowing so that the government can continue paying its bills.These payments, which include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other obligations, have contributed to an average 4 billion cash flow shortfall in October over the past five years.In addition to the regular, recurring payments, a large payment must be made on October 2 to the Military Retirement Trust Fund ( billion in 2016).Read More Tim Shaw Tim Shaw is a senior policy analyst for BPC’s Economic Policy Project.Prior to joining BPC, Shaw was a senior analyst at the Government Accountability Office, where he prepared reports for Congress.

Shortly thereafter, Treasury’s cash reserves will be depleted.In April 2009, Citation Technologies created a free, searchable website for Federal Register articles dating from 1996 to the present.The new website is a collaboration between the developers who created Gov, the Government Publishing Office and the National Archives and Records Administration.The federal government’s balance sheet is too complex to project a specific day for the “X Date” with a high degree of certainty.Moreover, it could even come before or after BPC’s projection range, especially if unanticipated legislative or economic events were to occur.

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