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This demonstrates the lead passengers agreement to pay the balance outstanding (if applicable) and understanding that if the balance is not paid within the time scale, Ukraine Adventures reserve the right to cancel any arrangements made.

This contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions which are governed by English and Ukrainian law and we both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts at all times.

Ukraine Adventures abides by the following Ukrainian Law on the issue of internal travel tickets : "On Approval of the Rules for Transportation of Passengers, luggage, cargo and mail by the railway transport of Ukraine" dated 27 December 2006. All clients must be in possession of a valid passport as per the rules of : the Ukrainian government, the country who issued you your passport or the carrier you use to gain entry into Ukraine.Please note that in all cases the lead name on the reservation must be 18 years or over at the time of booking.The lead name will be in contract with the supplier and will be responsible for the information provided to the agent for all members of the party this includes the correct spelling of names, title, age, passport and visa information and ensuring that all party members travel with full valid travel insurance.Such insurance will ensure that you are covered against unforeseen cancellation charges, loss of luggage, personal injury and any medical costs incurred whilst away from home (subject to approval), personal liability claims, loss of money etc.We recommend that you have an insurance policy in place at the time of booking to insure against possible cancellation costs.

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