Dating spear jackson saws

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Spear & Jackson France has also been active in launching new products under the Spear & Jackson and Forges de Lavieu brand names.

Additionally, through its Karamel & Jeremy range, it has branched into children’s gardening products and accessories, with a view to building brand loyalty among a new generation of gardeners.

They did not make tools or saws they marketed them, and were masters at it. They also offered Oak Leaf tools as their second line.

They had their line of tools made for them by the big makers like Disston & Stanley. Simmons did not make tools or saws they marketed them, and were masters at it.

Head Office Spear & Jackson Group Atlas Way, Atlas North Sheffield, S4 7QQ England Tel: 0114 2814 242 Group Enquiries: [email protected] in England: No.

Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website. It has a dent just about in the middle above the tooth line that has created a wave at that point. These would be great in the small production shop where repetitive cuts are needed. The Cherry wood handle is pretty nice The double sided 14" long saw blade comes with a course cut, and fine. The threaded stud for the large dome nut where one would expect to see a stamped medallion is broken off and the dome nut on the back side is missing.

In recognition of Spear & Jackson’s brand heritage and reputation for producing premium tools, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, UK, approached the company to develop a dual-branded range of high-end gardening tools.

This partnership reinforces Spear & Jackson’s unique combination of history and innovation, and the company is proud to support Kew’s pivotal role as a world leader in plant science and conservation.

I found no reference or illustrations there about their use on back saws.

Prices seen are relatively recent or pieces that have held their value and reflect what I believe to be current values. It is a nice little saw that I believe will perform well after a tune-up and being sharpened. No more jumping out of the cut or bouncing around when trying to start one. A note about the style of high dome nuts this saw has.

On other pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation. Cresson, an early Philadelphia PA saw maker used this style nut before Disston bought them out around 1860.

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