Double your dating attraction book

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only penis size comes even remotely close in capturing the same level of male anxiety.

But that’s cold comfort when it feels like your masculinity is busy falling out and clogging your shower drain.

Bald equals bad-ass; just look at Avery Brooks, Michael Clarke Duncan, Bruce Willis, Yul Brenner, Jason Statham or Charles Dance.

at it funny, the hair on our chests, stomachs, arms, backs and butts turns into a rainforest canopy of keratin at the drop of a hat.

Read More I shared part one of my interview with love coach extraordinaire Lauren Frances. She shared some practical advice to follow that will help you suss out if you are on the same page as a new guy, both looking for the same things, and if he’s into you for the long haul […] Read More Take a quick glance at your list of exes. If you keep dating the moochers, the attention-seekers, and the heartbreakers, then it’s about time you figured out the difference between a pretty face and, well, pretty perfect…for you.

The lady you want on your arm long-term won’t use or […] Read More Frances, a columnist for Flaunt magazine, is a dating expert with a Ph. This sets the tone for the rest of her first book, on how to get a boyfriend and more brazen guides to dating and sex.

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