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" falls pretty flat.) Somehow, though, I managed to get Rachel's number and even a kiss good-night.

The doubts started when I bragged to my pal Adam about my debut as a pickup artist. " Rachel—not her real name, by the way—didn't just live in Bushwick, the neighborhood that, as the locale of choice for Brooklyn's young, artsy, and penniless, is ground zero for New York's burgeoning bedbug epidemic; she also happened to rent an airless cubbyhole in one of the converted-warehouse loft buildings whose low rents and high-turnover rate make them a haven for parasites of all sorts—especially human couch surfers and the bloodsucking that feeds on them.

John Cena is a hero in the ring, but he's human in real life.

The WWE superstar, who will host the 2016 ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 13, tells Us Weekly exclusively how he and girlfriend Nikki Bella make their relationship work despite their lives in the limelight..

)Not that that makes us single guys any less paranoid.

If anything, the thought of harboring a mattress full of the little brown buggers without realizing it is all the more skin-crawling.

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(Given a choice, isn't that who you'd bite?

"I always ask a guy, no matter how drunk I am, and check his arms and legs for bites.

I'll turn down sex or blue-ball a guy if I'm the least bit concerned." But as with STDs, asking doesn't do you much good if your partner isn't prepared to be honest.

The same study asked over 9,000 millennials why they used Tinder, and what they found is actually pretty surprising: The large majority of us aren't on the app to find love or a quick hookup.

In fact, only about 4 percent of those surveyed said they used Tinder to look for a relationship.

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