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Being gay is not illegal in Egypt, and neither is being transgender, but since the military pushed out the unpopular Islamist president Mohammed Morsi in the summer of 2013, the country has been engaged in a fierce crackdown on both communities.Human rights workers say at least 150 LGBT people have been arrested by the country’s “morality police”.Others have mysteriously lost their alcohol licences, or been forced to implement mixed-gender “couples only” policies.And it’s more than just physical locations that are under threat.The trial will take place in April, but the damage is already done.Adam’s reputation, and his chances of living a normal and happy life, can’t be salvaged.

Many are sentenced in short trials to long jail terms, with judges handing down as much as seven years.“It feels like a game between the Islamists and the military, and we are somehow stuck in the middle,” Amr, a 30-year-old gay man, tells me during a late-night underground party in Cairo.and around 100 are still behind bars on draconian catch-all charges of “debauchery” or “inciting sexual perversion”.In February, seven trans men were arrested for allegedly holding meetings where “perverts” would “participate in debauchery”, according to local Egyptian newspaper It’s as fierce a crackdown as the brutal days under ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak, whose police arrested 52 gay men in one raid, most at a floating nightclub called Queen Boat in 2001.Police now post fake accounts and arrange fake meet-ups, use the contact details to tap mobile phones, and even wire apartments, all to help set up stings.Last summer, the usually pro-regime newspaper el-Watan caused uproar by publishing leaked details of an Interior Ministry scheme to carry out mass surveillance of social media – combing through Skype, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to find more people to arrest and weed out anything deemed “contrary to the law or public morality”.

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