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Mix reportedly did not have to train Tony, but simply show him what to do for each feat.Mix could convey any sort of message to the pony by touches of the hand or fingers on Tony's neck.

Here’s Owlet 2 watching it’s sibling soar by below the nest..

Although there is speculation that whips, strong bits, and spurs were used.

Such stunts included untying Mix’s hands, opening gates,jumping over high fences, getting tangled in ropes, loosening his reins, rescuing Mix from fire, jumping from one cliff to another, and running after trains.

He could jump into moving rivers, through windows, over fire, and "allow himself to be thrown to the ground after a sudden stop." In his autobiography, Hart speaks lovingly of Fritz, and describes some of their stunts together. He was the first horse to be given equal billing with his human costar, and was featured in the title of three movies: Just Tony (1922), Oh! Tony is listed as appearing in thirty-four films between 19.

One in particular illustrates the danger of the stunts Fritz performed and the love Hart felt for his "pinto pony." While filming a scene for the 1920 film The Toll Gate, Hart and Fritz were caught in a whirlpool: Once an animal got into it, he could neither swim out nor climb out. The film Just Tony (Fox Film Corporation), is based on a Max Brand short story, Alcatraz.

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