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We will open a new world of modern, worry free dental treatment for you.

We have set ourselves worlds apart from our peers to bring you a very exceptional dentist service in the Milton Keynes area.

The Billionaire's Shortbread Giant Slab is a luxurious blend of irresistible caramel and mellow 50% milk chocolate, with a scattering of crispy shortcake biscuits.

It tastes as beautiful as it looks and can disappear all too quickly!

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Many fans consider the Iron Man Mark VI to be one of their favorite Iron Man suits that Tony Stark has used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Milton Keynes is known for many things: the concrete cows, the many roundabouts and thecentre:mk, home of our shop.Here chocolate connoisseurs and first-time adventurers alike meet with our team of dedicated chocolate-lovers to find indulgent treats for themselves or luxurious gifts for someone they love. The Milton Keynes shop celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2015, and I'm proud to have been Store Manager for half of that.I'll always love seeing the look on guests' faces as they try one of our new Tastes of the Month, as well as chatting to them about our Rabot Estate.I invite you in for a taste of your own - or just a chat about chocolate!

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