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LOL"cranks my tractor" I hate feet - feet are disgusting!!

I know I'm short and it's not a great distance, but I don't wear corks anymore. I can't handle a man with big flat feet in cheap thong flip flops ewwwwWe have some photographers and each on is thinking up a scene that would be sexy, maybe erotic, but art without being vulgar, something sitting on the coffee table not under he bed.I wanted to put in captions and quotes from foot lovers, so anyone wanting to help with the project is welcome.I've explained to a lot of foot lovers, I've had my feet loved on in ways that was so wrong, I couldn't get away fast enough, and I've had them loved on and discovered that an O lurked behind every toe.Hey hereshecomesagain...........tryed to send a message but wasn't accepted cuz of your preferences.......going to help in your research.......esoecially the artful approach, have done some photography myself, very tasteful yet alluringfeet and big toes are a 2ndary erongenous zone in tantric get "going" grab thier feet under the arch will go voer the top I love feet..bone under the skin.they stiffen and move.toes I love to draw and paitn them...mmmmmmmmmm men's feet GQWhole of a person's skin is an erogenous zone - I have known women who have come close to orgasm simply from having toes nibbled.

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