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Orgawe pushed his long cock until it was deep into my hilt.

I screamed in pain and increasing delight of ecstacy.

Orgawe was working as a bell boy at the Hotel and used to earn an extra buck by taking tourists around. in the evening and I decided to have a swim in the pool.

Whenever he used to stare at me directly, I felt weak-kneed and horny. While swimming I noticed Orgawe peeping through one of the Hotel lobbies. I am duty bound to provide you with utmost satisfaction .

I started to feel the fullness of his cock inside me an experience which I had never felt in my life.

He understood English perfectly and so I was comfortable.

We started off in the morning , visited Garshaka Gumti Park, Cross River Park, Matsirga Waterfalls and enjoyed the best wild-life scenes one could imagine.

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