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Therefore, it has been proposed that the cerebellum detects, prevents and corrects mismatches between intended and perceived outcomes of an organism’s interactions with the environment have been reported.

While the anterior part is connected to sensory-motor cortex, and has been more extensively studied in individuals with ASD due to their known sensory-motor impariments, social aspects of the cerebellum are still understudied in autism.

It has been proposed that eye-tracking may be used as a biomarker to assess the efficacy of potential treatments for ASD.

The aim of our study was to investigate the morphology of the cerebellum in a sample of adult individuals with high-functioning ASD and to explore the relationship between a key eye-tracking outcome (fixation time allocated to the eye region during an emotion recognition task) and the morphology of the cerebellar lobules involved in social cognition (Crus I, vermis).

There were significant correlations between fixation time on eyes and the volumes of the vermis and Crus I.

Our results suggest that cerebellar morphology may be related to eye avoidance and reduced social attention.

We did not observe any difference in global cerebellar volumes between ASD patients and controls; however, regional analyses found a decrease of the volume of the right anterior cerebellum in subjects with ASD compared to controls.We selected indviduals with ASD and controls with a minimum full scale IQ of 70. We only included individuals with ASD for whom the entire volume of the cerebellum was available, resulting in the exclusion of 37 subjects (19 individuals with ASD and 18 controls). 1 = From the initial sample (40 ASD and 58 HC), five subjects (two controls and three individuals with ASD) were excluded after quality control.For ABIDE samples, in order to limit the site effect, we selected 5 sites that included more than ten individuals with ASD and ten controls matching our inclusion criteria (adults for whom the entire volume of the cerebellum was available). We were not able to report all IQ of controls in Table 1 because this information was not collected for every subject. 2 = From the initial sample (40 ASD and 58 HC), three subjects (three individuals with ASD) were excluded after quality control.We recruited individuals with ASD without intellectual disability and controls from the Mondor University Hospital (Créteil, France).Diagnoses were confirmed by trained clinicians, the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

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