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He instructed Michael on various life skills: how to dress; how to balance a budget; how to be self-sufficient.

And Holdbrooks wasn't just Michael's closest confidante -- he was also his roommate.

Mason gets to stay another week, as does Fallon, who hopefully will spend her extended island time figuring out how to dismantle Chris’s dominance.

Most Awkward Naked Activity of the Episode: hugging.

Kerri — who seems to neglect how awesome it is to have men shipped to an island each week, just for her — is also just here to pine for Chris. Simply having a penis (a big penis) does not mean you’re the one with all the power.

The NYC Medical Examiner officially ruled Michael's death a homicide, the result of blunt force injuries to his head, but Holdbrooks said he didn't want to know the exact details of how Michael was killed.Felicity's dad is Mark Holdbrooks, Michael's "uncle." They aren't related by blood, but Holdbrooks had been Michael's mentor for much of his life.The two first met when Michael was a teenager in college, after playing high school basketball with Kevin Garnett, and for the next 17-odd years, Holdbrooks became an advisor and sounding board as Michael transformed from a budding sensation to a veteran.The 35-year-old was missing for five days before the NYPD discovered his dead body, reportedly covered in a black garbage bag and wedged in the backseat of his own car parked on a quiet side street in Brooklyn."That was the day that all hell broke loose," said Holdbrooks.

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