Greek overweight dating

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She said: "Having lived in the southern Peloponnese for four years I met at least half a dozen British women who had married local men.

It seems to have been a trend about 20 to 30 years ago when more British women liked the idea of living and working in Greece (when there were more work opportunities).

"The average foreign man here will be retired/divorced, but you do also get a few younger 'digital nomads' as well, both are just as likely to end up in relationships in my experience.” Greg Pellechi, from America, met his wife Nora, from Finland, when they were both working in Cambodia.

“Primarily that would be for financial reasons but it's something of a status symbol as well for a local to have a foreign boyfriend/husband (it's also to do with an innate desire to have light skinned children - 'whitening' skin products are everywhere).However, Marjory said: "I believe on the islands there is still a lot of seasonal work and it's probably more common for young British women to work on the islands and fall in love with local men."I don't think the Shirley Valentine effect has ever really died down and women still have a fantasy about running off to a Greek island and marrying the waiter in their local taverna, while he's still got a job, that is.” She added: “Despite the crisis, Greece still has enormous romantic appeal because of its sheer beauty, and young Greek men are hugely attractive as well, with most speaking good English." Jonny Lis, 27, from London, has lived in the Philippines for three years.So perhaps it's not so much the country but the people?Or at least the women.” Greg added: “I could make a joke about the long cold winter nights, high rates of depression and incessant coffee drinking driving people into one another's arms...

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