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Here’s my fave from the shoot: Would you guys ever sign up for something like this?

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Download FREE middle school grades 6-8 health activities, lesson plans, educational worksheets & games today! · Tips for a Safe and Healthy Life Take steps every day to live a safe and healthy life Eat healthy Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.) and the How Cast people said Mike was hilarious and charming and that we would have great chemistry together. I had 40 different kissing topics lined up to cover via 2-3 minute videos. It’s weird how our chemistry ignited; by the end of the day, we were holding hands and making out between takes!I began to understand how and why so many celebs end up dating their costars!“No models smooching and me narrating.” Now, this is a classic example of me opening my big mouth without really thinking things through. ” A week or so later the producer emailed me a pic of my future kissing partner, Mike. “We can’t kiss for the first time in front of everyone.” Suddenly his hand was on my cheek and his lips on mine and like reverse CPR, he seemed to inhale all the panic right out of me.In my little pea brain I was like “Hey, I like kissing! A model/actor/comedian, he looked like James Franco (who I have, shall we say, experience with–but that’s a tale for another time! But he wasn’t a good kisser–he was a fantastic kisser. After our private kiss, my white-knuckled terror melted away and we had a BLAST filming the videos.

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