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Shortly following her bereavement, in October, 1778, an incident occurred in the little town of Groton which was to have a marked influence on the life of Rebecca Chester. Davis, 45 Custis, Passing of home, 200 Derwent, Mrs. With such a family history one can well understand that the young girl had no love for the enemies of her country. She had been tenderly reared and was just budding into womanhood. ancestors, and as the space is neces- sarily limited, no queries will be printed which pertain to the Colonial period. During this critical period Rebecca was left with her widowed mother to bear the trials and hardships incident to the war. — Subscribers are not limited in the number of queries to which they are entitled; but as this department of the Magazine is kept up for the benefit of those who wish to become members, or to obtain additional recognition for Rev.

WILSON Manager Publishing Department 37 East Twenty-Eighth Street, New York American Monthly Magazine INDEX Volume XLL — July-November, 19 12 Alexander, Col. During his parole the young officer was privileged to mingle in the social life of the place, which he found most attractive. The force, fully armed, arose from an advantageous position and fired at the barge, which was by this time aground, and the crew, being unable to de- fend itself from this unexpected assault, was forced to surrender.

Pierre Ethier is now an applied scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original.

He speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Thomas, Mary Amelia Knous, 201 La Fayette, Officers who greeted in 1824, Mrs. Rebecca's four brothers were each at his post of duty on the ocean. C, the secretary of the Magazine Committee, she will be able to find the price of Vol.

As hardship and responsibility often develop the finest traits of character, the terrible struggle for life and liberty through which her country was passing made of the timid girl one of the strong, noble women who helped to shape the destiny of the nation.

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