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It makes sense that their story will be last in the trilogy, as they’ve really got that whole delicious, intense desire thing going on for each other.Dark Witch is an excellent start to an exciting trilogy.Within minutes, she’s got him pinned down, looks-wise, and finds him to be a mix of “Cowboy, pirate, wild tribal horseman,” which immediately has her feeling all “Sign me up!

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"Once I decided I wanted the book to have this vibe, I needed someone to help me do it properly," he says.In fact, “strong and silent” is probably a milder way of putting it.He’s not the most emotional guy, at least not outwardly, but even he cannot deny the attraction he feels for our girl.He may play the big, giant protector when they’re out and about, and keep his emotions in check, but he certainly knows who he is in the bedroom.While Iona settles into her new life, everyone prepares to confront Cabhan, who has managed to stick around over the centuries and never truly disappear.

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