Is prince harry dating chelsy

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But, they apparently did split in early 2009, for just a little while.

Later in 2009, the two were photographed together again at a rugby match, and seemed to have put their differences aside only to break up in mid 2010 -- again.

We wouldn't even go home, just sleep in the office.

They have these tiny dorm rooms.' She also admitted: 'I like to achieve things and am very ambitious.'She even studied gemology at the Gemological Institute Of America to get to grips with her new career, and has spoken of her desire for her range to benefit locals who work in gem mines.

But there are some surprising similarities between the pair.

They probably have more in common with each other than they ever had with Harry.

She's already paid for classroom blocks at a school near one emerald mine in Zambia.

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Publicising movies — let alone undressing in them — is hardly an appropriate occupation for a royal bride. Both young women found the very thought of a life cutting ribbons and shaking hands suffocating.

During her seven-year on-off relationship with Harry, she climbed the ladder at City law firm Allen & Overy, attempting to build a career in the most high-pressure of fields.'Leveraged finance was the worst.

Back-to-back deals, working till 4am, conference call at 8am.

Surely it's every man's worst nightmare: two of your exes suddenly become bosom pals.

When they meet, you see that they clutch at each other affectionately and laugh so much they might burst.

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