Jewish dating rules

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Kay, a secular Israeli, was given first-time media access to the matchmaking culture in the Ultra Orthodox community in Israel.“Match” is a close look at the private courtship experiences of several young Haredi subjects making the transition into adulthood with very specific expectations about dating and marriage.Nowhere is this narrative of personal and family pressures regarding dating more poignant than when we are introduced to a 24-year-old Gur Hasidic man.He’s from the strictest of all Ultra-Orthodox sects in which the sexes are separated and sexuality takes a back seat to what they call “sanctity.” We witness his struggles to find a wife with the help of his cousin acting as a matchmaker and in conversations with a fellow yeshiva student.The matching up of a man and a woman for purposes of marriage) went.

As much as the Jewish world is big, it’s actually very small. Basically a good person who would make a good husband.

There’s Merav, a 25-year-old divorcée (her marriage lasted just months when she asked for a divorce because her husband wasn’t as interested in studying Torah as she wanted him to be), who’s in law school and wants to marry again.

She’s bright, articulate, and attractive, dressing fashionably, and, not unlike secular women her age, she vacillates between expressing independence and yearning for marriage.

The boy was either not right for me or they decided I wasn’t right for them.

When I was almost 19, my neighbor from around the block was suggested to me.

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