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“They also may be used to compare the effects of other agents affecting relevant brain receptors in volunteer and psychiatric populations.” In this and other studies, Strassman and his team ended up working with 60 volunteers in total, providing a foundation of knowledge about DMT that had previously been absent from the scientific record.In the two decades following the studies, research on other psychedelics has gradually picked up and the public is just starting to gain awareness of their efficacy for treating various sorts of mental disorders.One reported, “It didn’t feel like my normal mode of thinking.You know how schizophrenics talk about different meanings to things?

The DMT was given via an intravenous line and the researchers did not attempt to question the subjects until the trip had finished, allowing them to take in the full experience of the substance uninterrupted.

One person under the effects of DMT said, “I tried closing my eyes but I saw the same things with my eyes closed as I did with them open.” Others described vivid visions such as, “’a fantastic bird,’ ‘a tree of life and knowledge,’ ‘a ballroom with crystal chandeliers,’ human and ‘alien’ figures (such as ‘a little round creature with one big eye and one small eye, on nearly invisible feet’), ‘the inside of a computer’s boards,’ ‘ducts,’ ‘DNA double helices,’ ‘a pulsating diaphragm,’ ‘a spinning golden disc,’ ‘a huge fly eye bouncing in front of my face,’ tunnels, and stairways.” At the end of the journey, most subjects said they still saw geometric patterns overlaying their normal field of vision.

Some said that they felt exposed to new ideas and concepts about their personal and professional lives.

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