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Polaha birth place is located in Reno, Nevada of United States and by now he is 39 years old in age.

Polaha mostly is known with his character within North Shore where he was portrayed with the character of Jason Matthews.

Now she's caught between two men, dependable George and passionate Robert. Directed by James Head and starring eghan Markle, Kristoffer Polaha, and ...

Kristoffer Polaha videos DVDs purchase In a post-apocalyptic America, the iron fist of the totalitarian government seeks to crush one mysterious man named John Galt, who has the power and influence to change everything.

Centered on the investigation conducted by private detective Ron Lax (Colin Firth), THE DEVIL'S KNOT details the discovery of crucial DNA evidence that helped to win back the freedom of Arkansas teens Damien Echols, James Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley Jr., who were accused of ritualistically murdering three young boys in 1993. Ten years later Jim has yet to land a major role, though he has become the commercial spokesman for a prominent insurance company.Later, the extra martial stories and affairs of his father granted divorce to the couple and he was living with his mother and grandparents during the very time.Polaha was very talented student in his studies and he wanted to read further in the very time but due to his attention in acting and television did not make him to last further in the very time.In this Hallmark original feature, Cass is a woman who has been successful in every area of her life except one: love.At the behest of her sister, she turns to a dating guide called The Daters Handbook for help.

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