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Primarily, I have indexed three types of albums: LPs, EPs, and 78-rpm albums.CDs have been indexed in a separate page, and the same is true of singles (45-rpm discs, 78-rpm discs, et cetera).

Banana lock combs evolved from the original concept of two traditional hair combs which might be worn together to hold a French style hair twist, hair chignon or bun in place.Banana lock combs consist of a set of two side matching hair combs which are connected together at the tail or one end .They are usually connected where the two combs merge.By all indications, New American Jazz was a popular album. I believe that it also sold well, although I have no factual confirmation on the matter.(Because I have come across album copies with the words "second printing November 1944," I am under the impression that Capitol ran out of its first 'printing' within the first year of release.) The four 78-rpm discs found in New American Jazz are: 10009: "Clambake In B-Flat" (instrumental) / "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry" (vocal by Jack Teagarden)10010: "Casanova's Lament" (vocal by Jack Teagarden) / "In My Solitude" (instrumental)10111: "Sugar" (instrumental) / "Ain't Goin' No Place" ("blues vocal" by Peggy Lee)10112 "Someday, Sweetheart" (instrumental) / "That Old Feeling" (vocal by Peggy Lee)All eight sides are credited to The Capitol Jazzmen.

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