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There are a fine selection of museums on offer and the majority are free.Head to the World Museum to have your mind blown or head to the Liverpool museum to top up your local knowledge and discover some things about Liverpool you may have never expected.The decor is an illuminati conspiracists dream, it is full of triangles, a suspected ode to the area.There is a nice mix of plants and pots and tables around giving it a garden centre feel by the dilettantish duo.It is also extremely good to support local actors, producers, writers, costume designers and more, who all pour their life and soul into these productions.Recently opened, Kabinett, is the true definition of a hidden gem and the perfect way to show your date how you know all the cool places in Liverpool.If it’s not your first date, and you’ve accepted and learned to love your partners idiosyncrasies, we’ve got some good suggestions too.

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After trying a whole variety of Th7 designs, I realized that up to TH7, layouts rely too much on basic defense and not on troop AI.

Needless to say, when I saw Orz' As 184letsburnitdown pointed out, If giants regularly target the south mortar instead of the side cannons, switching the mortar with a non-defensive building can help avoid this. The beauty of what this base offers, although to a lesser extent ( TH7, less walls, buildings to buffer dmg), is exactly what the Tempest does: keeping the Vault unharmed while luring the enemy around the base.

The base is also very versatile, as the mortar's and air defense triangulated area of effect can be augmented and lessened according to the user's preference base on his needs ( see each base's different layout).

Kabinett is a melting pot of fine wine, stunning cheese, marvellous meats and cocktails constructed by fortune tellers.

Depending on how strong the alcohol is, your fortune could go one or two ways. If you fancy somewhere a bit off the beaten track that is still relatively in its undiscovered stage, this is the place to take your date.

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