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Citing the number of women — some 50 claiming harassment and at least half a dozen alleging sexual assault — Allred urged The Weinstein set up an arbitrator-overseen settlement fund."It's time for The Weinstein Co.Malthe told the press that she met Weinstein in February 2008 at the BAFTA Awards in London while she was working as a spokesperson for LG. She auditioned for the movie when she was back in the U.He requested to take a photo with her and pressured her into giving up her hotel information. Later that night, Weinstein reportedly banged on her door and unexpectedly invited himself in. I was feeling panicked and wondering, ‘What should I do? S., even scoring a dance audition with the film’s director, Rob Marshall.Actress Natassia Malthe, left, accompanied by attorney Gloria Allred, reads a statement during a news conference in New York, Wednesday, Oct.25, 2017, where she alleged sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein in 2008.“Actresses should not have to demean themselves to be successful,” Malthe concluded. Actresses Asia Argento and Rose Mc Gowan have also made rape allegations against Weinstein, while over 50 more women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment.The attorney said that information is key to overcoming statute-of-limitations hurdles that would otherwise block the case from moving forward.

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The actress claims Weinstein forced himself on her during their first meeting, and then on a later date requested she partake in a threesome with him. The following day, Malthe says a script for the musical adaptation of “Nine” was sent to her hotel room.

After banging on the door, he barged in, took off his pants and sat on the bed.

Malthe said he then started masturbating and then forced himself on her."It was not consensual," said Malthe. Afterwards, I laid there in complete disgust."Weinstein was fired from the company he co-founded earlier this month after The New York Times detailed decades of allegations of sexual harassment by several actresses, including Ashley Judd.

to put their money where their mouths are," said Allred, who is representing several of the alleged victims.

"They made many, many, many millions of dollars while Harvey Weinstein was behaving in the most egregious and reprehensible acts imaginable."Aspiring actress Dominique Huett is also suing The Weinstein Co., alleging it was aware of its former co-chairman's sexual misconduct dating back to the 1990s.

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