Recovery dating sites

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And while I can tolerate hanging out in a bar, it will never be my first choice destination.Given that bars are the unofficial “singles scene” for anyone aged 20 to 60, it’s easy to feel like you have to compromise the linchpins of your sobriety to have an active dating life.” For the recovering addict, this obviously won’t work.Finding someone who understands what you’re going through can be very challenging.It’s not easy finishing drug and alcohol rehab and then trying to go back out in the world to make meaningful social connections.

And while knocking boots with another sober person may seem like an ideal option, going out with someone from a meeting may be a step (or thirteen) towards disaster.And I don’t have to waste my time figuring out that a guy can’t enjoy himself without polishing off a six-pack.Online dating can’t reveal who is right for you with a single click, but it can reveal who is Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, online dating kept me out of bars, protecting my sobriety.The profile section of the app even includes a sobriety date and a place to briefly admit your substance abuse struggles.The creator of Sober, Antoine Nauleau, is a 21-year-old former addict.

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