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The They know all data has to be included as it is an essential factor in making the derived analysis more accurate. The only logical reason to ignore the poorest and richest groups is to hide how bad inequality is getting.

Even if we could build 100,000 homes every year it still would not be enough for 300,000 extra immigration - also we know young Brits cannot get social housing any more.The Tories will likely take advantage - but they can be voted out.Even if half the Remainians scare-mongering is true - we had to leave. The bosses do not train any more to anything like they used to.People only have to look at what is happening: skilled & semi-skilled Brit wages held down - less housing & jobs available to Brits - Pension Pyramid Scam (immigrants get old too, as do their children, grandchildren...) - worsening food/water/ energy security - many more crimes - greater congestion - more NHS overstretch...The financial (Mars bar) gain is fiddled as it does not include all costs e.g.

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