Social class dating

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In addition to dating and events organizing the site focuses on low level political activity and news. The site is a little awkward but not highly sexualized.

Transgendered identity is supported on this site but not gender queer identities outside of those based on the Male/Female binary.

There aren’t paid memberships available for this nonprofit site but there are a handful of very unobtrusive ads.

If you’re looking for news and political discussion in your LGBT social networking check out Connexion.

Out Everywhere Out Everywhere is a paid service for men and women in select countries around the world.

Connexion Connexion is LGBT online networking with a suffix.

Free membership gets users access to rental listing details, IM, video and audio messaging. Profiles on this site support transgendered identities.

Premium members get entries in any of the categories moved up to the top of their respective listings.

Lovetastic says its goal is to bring together husbands.

It used to be called Scene404 and the old landing page is pretty cute, in a dorky kind of way.

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