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Disinformation brokers such as Fetzer, Sofia Smallstorm, James Tracy, Simon Shack, Max Konrardy, Morgan Reynolds, John Lear, Dave Shayler, John Friend and Judy Wood have skills such as writing, video production, flying and spying, and at least four of them qualified as professors (as did Cass Sunstein).One professor becoming senile and postulating crackpot hypotheses about space-based beam weapons, faked planes or faked deaths could be considered unlucky, two a coincidence, but three or four is a conspiracy.

For example, "The hypothesis that confers the highest probability on the evidence is the preferable, which, when the evidence has 'settled down,' is acceptable as true in the tentative and fallible fashion of science".Read more “Cash Cab” starts rolling again with comedian Ben Bailey next month on Discovery Channel. Bailey hosted the Emmy-winning show from 2005 to 2012.Bailey’s roll through the streets of New York City starts at 10 p.m. He and the show each won three Daytime Emmy Awards.And whilst denying the abundance of evidence supporting the official Sandy Hook narrative as broadly correct, the Sandy Hookers are frequently found trying to sell other preposterous conspiracy claims such as no-planes-hit-the-World-Trade-Center, WTC-was-nuked, space-beam-weapon-zapped-WTC, and Boston-bomb-amputees-faked-injuries.For example, Jim Fetzer is a no-planer and claims mini-nukes demolished the WTC.

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