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Dyson backs her up on this quest, even to the point of standing as her second when Bo must put her life on the line in the , Dyson is framed for murder and now it’s his life on the line as Bo races against the clock to uncover the true murderer before Fae politics and Dyson’s own stubbornness end his life. Their heartbreaking, lovely scene in the cemetery locked Dyson and Kenzi in their ever-deepening big bro/little sis dynamic that continues to develop and thrive independent of their roles in Bo’s life.

Together, these two episodes show Bo and Dyson finally recognizing their relationship has gone far beyond merely friends with benefits. We also get to see Doctor Lauren out of the lab as she and Bo go after the mystery of the week, an experience that brings home to the doc how out of place she is in Bo’s day-to-day world.

It was very purported to be: Sex-positive, shame-free, label-free, violent, metaphysical, supernatural, adult, witty, funny, edgy, woman-led Urban Fantasy.

The case of the week educated Bo (and by extension, the audience) on Fae society structure and politics and the consequences to both Fae and humans when a Fae went against the establishment (death).

Watching Vexed now it feels like an episode from a different series.

Each interaction highlights basic aspects of Dyson and Doctor Lauren’s respective characters and has major impact and consequences on and for both relationships.

And we meet Vex, possibly the best antagonist in the series, who announces his presence with snarky, amoral authority and takes no least not for long.

Plus, Trick wields a mean shotgun and gets his Blood King badass on and that’s never not fun. Number 3: (commonly referred to as “Foot Soup”) slid into its place on the merits of the Dyson/Kenzi interaction.

In , Bo races against the clock and puts her life on the line to resolve a centuries-old family feud in order to prevent a prophesized death. The thousand-year-old wolf shifter who's seen and done it all done in by the raw courage and loyalty of the wee human grifter who wraps him around her finger.

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