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This is a notable sum, even for the biggest advertisers. Here’s a look at the best and worst ads over the years, and what made them a hit with viewers: They’re creative and one-of-a-kind The best ads are creative enough to be distinct and attention-grabbing.

For example, consider Tide’s Miracle Stain Super Bowl Ad from 2013, which featured a “miracle stain” that appeared on a San Francisco 49er fan’s jersey.

On Twitter, the site sneered at the ad: In a national climate marked by acrimony and protest, most everything consumed by the public stands to be distilled through a political lens.

As my colleague Sophie Gilbert notes, a Super Bowl ad for Mexican avocados this year “has been inadvertently politicized by President Trump’s suggested tariff on Mexican imports to pay for a border wall.” Coverage of the Super Bowl itself reflects this dynamic.

Across social media, Budweiser has been praised and savaged along partisan lines.

Right-leaning or alt-right-leaning sites immediately condemned the ad: “Budweiser Attacks American’s [sic] In Politically Motivated Superbowl Ad On Immigration” (Gateway Pundit) or “Budweiser Airs DISGUSTING Super Bowl Commercial Bashing President Trump, Now They’re Paying For It BIG TIME” (Freedom Daily)Breitbart, whose former executive chairman Steve Bannon is now President Trump’s chief strategist, reported on the ad in a way that might sound familiar: by noting Anheuser-Busch’s recent business struggles and its previous use of “left-wing actors” in its ads.

The spot aired right before the kickoff of Super Bowl 50 on CBS.

The Heinz Ketchup commercial called "Wiener Stampede" ranked second.

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This does not mean brands should forsake creativity—see our first point—but most brands have to strive for creative content that resonates, or at least doesn’t offend, a broad audience.

Instead, Marques emphasized that, if anything, the ad was relevant because it is “a universal story,” not one that is specific to this moment.

Anyone who has seen the spot so far has begged to differ.

Xifaxin's walking and talking intestinal track finished 62nd.

Toe-nail fungus killer Jublia held down the final slot.

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