Sweet home alabama dating

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Duke says that she lost a lot of her ability to trust men and the show gave her the chance to change that.

“I just told the producers I wanted to find someone who made me feel again,” she says.

Korfe even snuck love letters into Duke’s boots, telling her how much he admired her.

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“Basically, when you tackle something head-on, that’s just the best way to deal with things.” PHOTOS: CMT Awards Red Carpet Going on the show was a big move for her in healing from that betrayal.Duke shares, “Bubba is an amazing, awesome guy, but I never felt the spark or chemistry with him.Yes, I want him to be in my life forever, but you can’t make your heart feel something it doesn’t feel.” Duke and Korfe received a lot of criticism once the show ended, but they learned to deal with it.“I just wanted to get it out there right away,” Duke tells .“Because when people think you’re hiding something or you’re embarrassed about something, that’s when people can use it to hurt you,” she adds.

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