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Bragging Rights: covering the entire love spectrum Cosmo’s has every topic you could ever want, from first dates and growing old together, to just about everything in between.From serious to light, the content runs the gamut, including love horoscopes, sexual safety and security tips for online romances.For more great information, check out this favorite relationship Diva: Dr. Magazines are more than just the things you read while waiting in the doctor’s office.For easy searching, content is broken into web, magazine, multimedia and “slices.” Social Clout: 153,951 followers, 100,000 likes URL: Bragging Rights: beyond just dating advice and sex tips Marie Claire’s spirit is seen in its unapologetic coverage of modern love.From becoming “The Accidental Mistress” to finding the best designer lingerie, topics both large and small are well covered.Social Clout: 73,758 likes, 23,915 followers URL: Bragging Rights: uses celeb dating as a platform The Gloss takes a fun, celebrity-based approach on dating, love and sex.Experts explore men’s ongoing appreciation for bad girls and offer good girls a counter-strategy.

In the Love Your Body section, experts offer esteem-building exercises and health tips.

” and consider if there is more to your relationship than passion and excitement. Do I want this person to be the parent of my child? Respect, friendship and admiration are fundamental to a meaningful relationship that lasts.

If you score 3 out of 4 or less and still feel happy with your relationship – follow your heart and choose to dig deeper in the article on Compatibility Countdown.

Serious topics related to sex and relationships are explored in a friendly, mature manner.

Social Clout: 1,745,026 followers, 837,000 likes URL: Bragging Rights: bringing some glamour into dating Glamour’s love blog is all inclusive, from sections on sex and dating, to understanding what men think and handling breakups.

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