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Forget how the media portrays the trashy element of today, there will always be those more thoughtful interested in vintage quality things & just like us at his age, he'll probably crave getting something that good.

India High End Company It Was Said In The 1960s-Early 1970s That Japan Made Excellent Amps Beware Of Circuit Diagram & Pcb Errors. But us on just having got the Realistic STA-220, a young guy pricing up a building repair, he saw it on the desk & was captivated by how well made & packed with mysterious parts it was.

Years ago things were "special" or "a treat", nowadays it's daily chocolate biscuits & all you want.

Today from what you see, the kid of today must be entertained every minute, they have no imagination, they'll just be another sheep in the system.

You have records, your interest is on that one record, not like a CD you put on & lose interest after Track 3. On American Pickers they picked an old swinging pub-club & found Bose 901 speakers & a 50w 1980s Marantz SR-4000, the nerdy delight with Mike on seeing those items was a joy, he remembered them from his youth.

The Goldring Elektra Cartridge Hi-Fi Sadly Goes Modern In 1970. Look on Amazon, Record Players are popular items, cheaply made Retro things are getting people enjoying the physical appeal of having a recorded item, not just a digital file.

Please do not link to our site on ebay sales trying to use our unique info to play buyers for a sale suggesting we are authorising their sale, as we are not. What previous Generations considered collectable is not always what later Generations like, look at Chumlee on 'Pawn Stars' with Trainers & Gaming.

If you've just found our site, have a read of the Main Pages first. All new sections go on this page, the only pages we add to are Vintage Hi-Fi Reviews when we get new amps. Most younger people aren't bothered about Quality in Sound or quality in anything sadly, they'd rather spend it on partying or tattoos that will look very dated in a few years, watching the Strong Man over Xmas, those random zig zag pattern ones look so naff & dated now.

No-one else has formed these opinions, so don't steal them as yours. The most thriving market is Vintage Cars as 'Chasing Classic Cars' shows, but this market is a narrow one driven by rich white guys who have money from biz or retiring. But music will be forever around, if many just want it for free, but the human need to own things means collecting will continue, if only of things they see as valuable.

Early Important Brand Names: Now Something Very Different Running In New Hifi Or New Capacitors? Realistic-Tandy Arrive In The UK October 1971 HFN/RR Advert - Pt. Comet In Sept 1971 HFN/RR Show Why They Grew So Big. To Wrongly Fiddle With Amp Internal Settings Can Damage The Amp. As bleak as it sounds, many are content or ignorant of how music sounds, just like Teenagers were content with Transistor Radios or Dansettes in the 1950s-1970s.

The First Cartridge We Ever Used Worst Ever Record Reviews Are The Hifi News/record Review Ones. Conical vs Elliptical Stylus More Goldring G-800E Opinions. 1971 Hifi Shop Advert Gets Into Trouble With Pioneer. Most won't have a clue how Music can sound & explains why The Music Scene of today is dead, the Singles Charts used to mean something to all ages & the Album Charts are often just Compilations or Oldies.

There are 'special' things still around & to find them takes your challenge to find & then you too can write a website about Vintage things & get others interested in it.

Nothing is special now as the sleazy tabloid news sites & their daily nudity prove.

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