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Corey shared the information with friends, but everyone, including Haim’s pal Corey Feldman, was AFRAID to point the finger at Charlie.Through the years Charlie either threatened or paid off (millions!) to numerous males and females, but miraculously retained his popularity and success!In 2011, he contracted HIV from a transsexual lover and kept it a secret, resulting in more payoffs to sex partners afraid that he infected them!The certified sales percentage varies according to the first year that an artist appeared in the charts.The claimed figures are referenced from online articles created by highly reliable sources.Certified sales might sometimes be larger than actual sales, if stores order more albums than they are able to sell, due to certifications generally being determined by shipments and not actual sales.Often, however, actual sales are larger than certified sales, since record labels must pay a fee to obtain certifications.

The artists in the following tables are listed with both their claimed sales figure along with their total of certified units and are ranked in descending order, with the artist with the highest amount of claimed sales at the top.

This list uses claimed figures that are closest to artists' available certified units: inflated claimed figures that meet the required certified units amount but are unrealistically high, are not used.

The claimed figures are upgraded only when there is a significant progress in artists' certified sales.

Elvis Presley is considered the highest-selling individual artist based on sales claims and Rihanna is the highest-selling individual artist based on certified units.

All artists included on this list, which have begun charting on official albums or singles charts have their available claimed figures supported by at least 20% in certified units.

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