Updating a database using coldfusion

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This section introduces SQL, describes basic SQL syntax, and contains examples of SQL statements.

It provides enough information for you to begin using Cold Fusion.

For specifics, consult the documentation for your particular flavor of Cold Fusion.

OLE DB is a relatively new driver technology from Microsoft designed to replace ODBC as the preferred method for accessing a variety of data sources.

However, this section does not contain an exhaustive description of the entire SQL programming language.

This might be as simple as wanting to output the contents of a single database table as an HTML table or as sophisticated as a multipage report generated from several related tables in a database.Regardless of the method you choose for connecting your data source to Cold Fusion, one thing remains the same.You must register the data source with the Cold Fusion Administrator in order to take advantage of Cold Fusion’s database management and security features.Other third-party OLE DB drivers are available from a number of vendors.The Enterprise version of Cold Fusion comes with native driver support for DB2 5.0 and 6.1, Informix 7.x and 9.x, Oracle 7.3, 8.0, and 8i, and Sybase System 11 and 12 databases.

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