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In 2009, the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) advised against annual mammograms for women in their 40s.These recommendations have been scientifically rejected by every major medical organization with demonstrated expertise in breast cancer care.Experts at the American Cancer Society (ACS), American College of Radiology (ACR), and Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) all recommend that women receive annual mammograms starting at age 40.You may want to review the ACS, ACR, and SBI breast cancer screening guidelines by clicking the hyperlinks below.At the University Breast Center, all our technologists are registered with specialized certification in mammography.A patient with an abnormal mammogram or lump, are evaluated within two days by a physician specializing in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Annual mammograms can detect cancer early — when it is most treatable.They can detect a cancerous lump when it is the size of a pinhead—about two years before it can be felt.Screening mammograms are performed to screen healthy women for signs of breast cancer.

Benefits can include: When should I get a screening mammogram? The University of Tennessee Medical Center recommends annual breast imaging for women over 40.In fact, mammograms show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them.Mammograms can also prevent the need for extensive treatment for advanced cancers and improve chances of breast conservation. Jewel case may have cosmetic damage, online codes for possible online content are expired or missing.Against her climb into her mid thirties perhaps it hard on.

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